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 Akiko Fujita
Dean and Professor, Faculty of Economics

image of the dean

The rapid development of globalization and technology is having a significant influence on a country’s industrial structure and business models. Thanks to these advancements, our lives have become increasingly convenient.

However, needless to say the frequent occurrence of extreme weather events caused by global warming, the wealth gap among countries and within a society have widened and is casting a dark shadow over our future. To improve this situation, there is an increasing demand for economies and managements that aim for sustainable growth with careful consideration of the global environment and human rights to replace the management style of a sole emphasis on corporate profit. Although this is not an easy task, it is one that you will inevitably need to consider when you become a part of society.

The dynamism of the economy is a result of various factors including not only international market trends and monetary policies, but also business strategies of companies. Within the Department of Economics, there are 3 distinct courses of study: the school of Economics, Business Administration, and International Business Administration. Since the global economy continues to...