List of study abroad destinations at the Department of International Business

About the study abroad costs

  1. Separately from the tuition fees, the study abroad costs listed below must be prepared two to three months prior to departure. In the event that study abroad costs are received in advance, the amount will be deducted from the total amount of study abroad costs.
  2. Since the class of 2016, the tuition fees for the fall semester have been paid in the full amount, but due to the framework of the study abroad curriculum, a scholarship of 250,000 yen is paid to each student participating in the overseas study abroad program each semester.
  3. The tuition fee of the study abroad destination university, airfares, room and board fees, overseas travel insurance costs (some study abroad universities also require other insurance) and visa-related costs are included in the study abroad cost. The listed study abroad costs are a rough estimate calculated based mainly on the results. For this reason, the total amount for each year (including airfares) is expected to be revised.
  4. The foreign currency-denominated amount for the tuition fees and accommodation expenses of the study abroad destination may be affected by fluctuations in exchange rates, thus the total payment amount may fluctuate accordingly.
  5. Food expenses will vary significantly depending on personal preference and thus are omitted unless they are included in the homestay fee or dormitory fees. Local entertainment expenses are likewise not included.
  6. The program contents may change depending on the study abroad destination. Please note that in this case, the payment amount may change.
  7. Obtaining overseas travel insurance is a prerequisite to participate in the study abroad curriculum. We may ask you to join the insurance plan recommended by the Faculty of Economics in accordance with the comprehensive insurance agreement entered into between Meiji Gakuin University and JI Accident & Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.


    • University
    • University introduction
    • ①Language ②Study abroad period ③Specialized subjects ④Accommodation type ⑤ Program cost (estimated)
    • University of Oxford, Hertford College Hertford College,
      University of Oxford
    • Oxford, England The University of Oxford is known for its world-class research and education and is one of the world’s leading universities. Hertford College is a constituent college of the University of Oxford and was established in 1874.
      Master the English language at this historical and long-established college. The university campuses and libraries are located throughout the town of Oxford, so students can fully experience the local campus lifestyle.
    • ①English ②Five months ③Available ④Share house ⑤5,000,000 yen
    • Dublin City University Dublin City University
    • Dublin, Ireland As one of the seven national universities of Ireland, Dublin City University is a comprehensive university consisting of the Business School, Faculty of Science & Health, Faculty of Engineering & Computing and Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences. Exchange students from 116 countries are accepted here, with 20% of the overall student body consisting of international students.
      The language school affiliated with the university has a reputation for high quality. The campus is located about 15 minutes away from the center of Dublin, the Irish capital, and new facilities are spread out across the extensive grounds. Experience the history and customs of Ireland, a country known for its unique climate and culture.
    • ①English ②Four months ③Available ④Homestay ⑤ 2,300,000 yen
    • Zagreb School of Economics and Management Zagreb School of Economics and Management
    • Zagreb, Croatia The Zagreb School of Economics and Management is an AACSB-accredited business school that emphasizes the fostering of business leaders. Based on an educational curriculum that conforms to EU standards (Bologna Process), students can study specialized subjects in English. In addition to small-group teaching, students can also study together with other exchange students from throughout Europe.
    • ①English ②Four months ③Available ④Share house ⑤1,450,000 yen
    • Centro de Estudios Superiores Universitarios de Galicia Centro de Estudios Superiores Universitarios de Galicia (CESUGA)
    • Province of Cuenca/Province of A Coruña, Spain Cuenca, which offers Spanish language training, is a historic walled city located on a limestone spur, and has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site. A day trip away from Madrid, Cuenca is a very safe city and is optimal for focusing on studying.
      CESUGA is a university that offers specialized training and emphasizes small-group teaching. It is located in the port city of A Coruña in northern Spain. Internships are also offered that take advantage of the city’s geological features.
    • ①Spanish ②Four months ③Available ④Homestay ⑤1,850,000 yen
    • Universidade Católica Portuguesa Universidade Católica Portuguesa
    • Lisbon, Portugal Universidade Catolica Portuguesa is the largest private university in Portugal which has 18 faculties renowned in the EU. This program offers opportunities for students to learn Business law in English in the Global School of Law. Among many advantages of studying in Portugal, Portugal is very well known worldwide for its safety.
    • ①English ②Four months ③Available ④Apartment ⑤2,600,000 yen

【North America】

    • University
    • University introduction
    • ①Language ②Study abroad period ③Specialized subjects ④Accommodation type ⑤Program cost (estimated)
    • Minnesota State University, Mankato Minnesota State University, Mankato
    • Minnesota, United States Of the 40,000 residents of Mankato, where the university is located, approximately 12,000 are students. The city is known for being extremely safe to live in. One feature of the university is the low number of Japanese students. A wide range of student facilities, including a bowling alley and food court, can be found on campus.
      A New York study tour is also included in this program.
    • ①English ②Four months ③Available ④Dormitory ⑤2,650,000 yen
    • University of California, Riverside University of California, Riverside
    • California, United States Located 110 km southeast of Los Angeles and with a campus that resembles a park, the University of California, Riverside is one of the 10 general campuses in the University of California system.
      The University of California, Riverside has a reputation for providing substantial education. The school has approximately 21,000 students and offers a wide range of support programs for the many exchange students coming from all over the world.
      The international exchange students who pursue the language program study at the University of California, Riverside Extension Center, which is located approximately five minutes from the main campus.
    • ①English ②Three months ③Available ④Homestay ⑤1,900,000 yen
    • University of Hawaii at Manoa University of Hawaii at Manoa
    • Hawaii, United States Established in 1907, the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa is the largest and oldest of the 10 UH campuses. While students will be studying in the Hawaii English Language Program (HELP), they will get involved in the service learning activities where students contribute to the local community in Manoa.
    • ①English ②Four months ③Available ④Homestay ⑤2,600,000 yen


    • University
    • University introduction
    • ①Language ②Study abroad period. ③Specialized subjects. ④Accommodation type. ⑤Program cost (estimated)
    • University of
      Western Australia
      University of Western Australia
    • Western Australia, Australia Located in Perth, the state capital of Western Australia, the University of Western Australia was founded in February 1911, making it the oldest university in the state.
      The affiliated school offers a substantial curriculum and has a reputation for its academic English training.
    • ①English ②Four months ③Available ④Homestay ⑤1,850,000 yen
    • Victoria University of Wellington Victoria University of Wellington
    • Wellington, New Zealand Established in 1897, the Victoria University of Wellington is one of the oldest universities in New Zealand. Of the 21,000 students, there are approximately 3,000 exchange students from all over the world. Wellington, where the campus is located, is a very safe city that offers a warm climate.
      It is very popular among students as a safe city that is easy to live in.
    • ①English ②Four months ③Available ④Homestay + dormitory ⑤2,200,000 yen


    • University
    • University introduction
    • ①Language ②Study abroad period ③ Specialized subjects ④Accommodation type ⑤ Program cost (estimated)
    • Soochow University Soochow University
    • Taipei, Taiwan Soochow University is a prestigious private university located in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, and has a reputation for teaching accounting, law and Japanese language courses. There are two campuses in the city, and the main campus where the Chinese language courses are held features lush greenery.
      The campus is in close proximity to the National Palace Museum and Shilin Night Market, and is known as a popular tourist spot. Alternatively, the business courses can be studied at the downtown campus located near the Presidential Office Building.
    • ①Chinese ②Five months ③Available ④Dormitory ⑤1,150,000 yen
    • National Economics University, Hanoi National Economics University, Hanoi
    • Hanoi, Vietnam Courses are offered at the National Economics University Business School. All specialized subjects are taught in English. The courses are taught not only by Vietnamese professors but also by professors invited from overseas.
      Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam. It is a vibrant city and you can study with local top-level students.
    • ①English ②Four months ③Available ④Apartment ⑤1,250,000 yen

There are several programs as well which are offered by Study Abroad Foundation (SAF). Details of the programs will be provided in the PSA class. Those students who will be participating in the SAF programs will need to follow instructions given by SAF.

As of November 2023