Department of Business Administration

Developing businesspersons who can identify and solve problems independently

In the Department of Business Administration, you will be able to study a balanced, incremental curriculum that teaches the three fields of administration, marketing and accounting. These three fields offer essential knowledge for the business world, where many graduates of the Department of Business Administration are now working.

In addition, amid the intensification of competition among corporations both domestically and internationally and the increased significance of making appropriate proposals by grasping customer needs, the ability to identify and solve problems independently, the analytical skills to objectively recognize current conditions, and the advanced communication skills to make compelling proposals on improvements are demanded by the business world. In response to such demand, the Department of Business Administration has also been focused on building bridges between academic theory and corporate practice and offering discussion-based, small-group classes.

  • Building bridges between academic theory and corporate practice

    Since many of the specialized subjects offered by the Department of Business Administration are related to business, it is essential to understand the subjects by linking theories with corporate practice.

    For this reason, the Department of Business Administration offers practice-oriented classes taught by a number of professors who have attained PhDs after working as certified public accountants or at financial institutions, manufacturing companies or in other business settings.

    In addition, many opportunities to learn about cutting-edge corporate practices in the real world are available through endowed lecture courses sponsored by Nomura Securities Co., Ltd., specialized lectures offered in cooperation with a leading audit firm, and lectures conducted by practitioners working at advertising firms and think tanks.

    Furthermore, in order to help students obtain qualifications in financial planning and bookkeeping, lectures within the university given by lecturers from schools offering qualification courses that are available.

  • Offering discussion-oriented, small classes

    It is difficult to attain skills to identify and solve problems independently by simply attending lectures. Therefore, the Department of Business Administration offers small classes where students can engage in discussion with faculty and their classmates in small groups.

    Starting from Year 1, students can also participate in workshops. For instance, in Year 1, students learn how to locate books in the library and how to write academic papers, how to engage in group discussions on familiar products or how to make presentations on advertising proposals.

    In Year 2 and onward, students strive to enhance their analytical and communication skills through more advanced case studies on management strategies and best practices.

    In seminars offered to students in Years 3 and 4, students delve into specialized fields such as business administration, commerce and accounting in accordance with their interests and work toward completing a thesis.

  • The four-year learning processes in the Department of Business Administration

    In order to learn specialized subjects offered in the Department of Business Administration from Year 1, students take introductory subjects such as Introduction to Business Administration and Introduction to Accounting and participate in workshops with a focus on discussions among fellow students.

    In Year 2, students take specialized subjects or courses in key subjects that cover principles of business organization, marketing, and finance and accounting. These classes are small in size in order to ensure that students master the knowledge and to increase opportunities for dialogue with faculty.In the fall of Year 2, students choose seminars to be commenced in the following spring as well as attend lectures on internship programs in preparation for job hunting.

    From Year 3, students study more intensively a specialized subject of their own choosing in seminars of approximately 10 people led by a professor. They also take highly specialized courses in advanced applied subjects such as principles of management and consumer behavior. Drawing on this incrementally accumulated, systematic knowledge, as well as on their ability to identify and analyze problems and express themselves, students decide on a career path at an early stage in their fourth year.

    From Year 2 students normally take all subjects at the Shirogane Campus.

    The Department of Business Administration, based on the perspectives outlined above, welcomes all who wish to work as business management professionals in the future.