Field Study of
Economics Department


Report from Student 1, Australia, 2013

We had wonderful days in Australia

 We did the field study for two weeks in Australia. We went to University of Queensland, every day. There is a feeling of opening.
Course contents were the lesson of English about economy or agriculture, the lesson of the continuous Australia agriculture.
We had an opportunity which can talk with the students of University of Queensland and can eat lunch. We could talk with them in English little.
We went to many places. They are a winery, an organic farm, a nature park, coral reef observation, an aborigine’s life culture experience, a prime meat processing plant…
It was a very good opportunity that was able to ask some question to specialist people.
We stayed homestay.
At the university, we study economy and agriculture. In homestay, we were able to be studied and useful English and culture of Australia. At first, I couldn’t understand homestay family’s talking. It made me so sad but after one week I could talk them.
And we could learn about the culture of Australia too.

The university finished, we went to the Gold Coast on the final day. And had the barbecue with Marty who was indebted at the member of a field study, Ms. Omura, and friends.
The sea was also very beautiful, and it was lucky, and was also able to see the rainbow.
For a travel, I can experience many things which cannot be experienced when go sightseeing.
It was the great time.