Field Study of
Economics Department


Report from Student 4, Australia, 2013

Australia life moistened five senses

For this year field study B conducted visits and lectures on Agriculture and economy at the University of Queensland in Australia 2/16-3/1. Begins lectures from the first day we arrive, is later to visit from visiting inspection sites directly interviewed. Experience us on the spot, and harvest the corn in Bauer’s Organic Farm tour and Australia’s Landcare System was showing or actual working landscape. Students of the University of Queensland and has received a high-quality program not to discuss each country’s agriculture, agricultural film, watching a speech empty words and get used to the English. In the lectures of Professor Malcolm learned about prerequisite to sustainable agricultural productivity environment of Australia. Australia is not a translation have a land not necessarily suited for agriculture. While plagued by water shortage well received both drought and flood damage, founded as the agricultural products export powerhouse which exports two-thirds of the agricultural production. We have that cut these from Australia how the environment to coexist and measures how well the deep ties can be felt from the five senses.
It was ideal for measuring communication in English homestays that this first attempt at making rice with a host family and swim in the sea in the holiday. You can enjoy that spontaneously become audible in the late, but did tend to Australia accent, do it in the first half could not understand English and speak it become reluctant. What was a short period of only two weeks, but got on the field study B is so big for me, I was able to spend every day richer. Experience and memories are surely useful even in this first life, and also became great memories of my own. Would be very attractive for those who want to learn about the international economy not just domestic, also did my English and worthwhile.