Field Study of
Economics Department


Report from Student 5, Australia, 2013

FS which widens the field of vision of own

The field study of 2014 was two weeks from February 16 to March 1 in Australia. you may think that two weeks are long, but it seems to be long and is short unexpectedly. I suffered from homesickness suddenly from the first day, but was able to enjoy Australia than anyone else because partner said, “even anything challenged it in oneself”. I was afraid whether you could fly away from Japan under the influence of snow and wind on the departure date, but it was good that I could leave safely. After an 8-hour flight, the class for the breath had a considerably stern thing. The class is two kinds of the English class and lecture, but is all the basics English. There may be the person of the interpreter, but is not limited all the time. You must talk to the host family in English. It was good experience to talk with a local student at a university. I recommend that I participate in a class for smartness unlike Japan. We watched winery, mine, farm, beef company, Coral Watch, but the mine had been already closed, and Coral Watch had muddy sea under the influence of the day before, and was not able to watch much coral, and the inside of the beef company was without being able to watch it. It is incorrigible, but is slightly disappointed.

I went to the sea on the day before on the last day and swam and shopped and we did BBQ together and enjoyed it. I had not gone very much abroad, but it was good to be touched culture and the way of thinking different from Japan and, though I knew the shortage of water of Australia, Even if it rains, it stops in several minutes and The bath was within five minutes, I think that what I was able to experience what kind of situation it is is precious to be concrete. Even if such an experience becomes an adult, I think that it was good to participate in this field study because it is not readily to be able to do it.