Field Study of
Economics Department


Report from Student 6, Australia, 2013

hot summer

The 2013 field study, we stayed two weeks in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. We learned about agriculture, economy and culture of Australia. In the first day, we learned English course about economics and agriculture in UQ. And we talked to the differences of culture and manners in homestay with local students. The staying is homestay, so I was able to experience customs and culture immediately. We went to the winery. Then we learned history of wine and way to mature. And actually, we tasted various wine. After we visited organic farm and deserted mine. Then we toured regeneration activities of nature.

Eco-tour by a local person is carried out in the National Park of Spring Brook. In the cold, I was able to see the nature and many animals. I toured the study of modern species, and training in the company.

In the letter part, we observed activity of coral reef. We went by ferry to Strand Brook Island, first we learned Aboriginal culture. Then we learned how to live in Aborigine using variety of natural plant..

After we observed a coral reef. It is difficult to find a coral, but I was able to find the many kinds of coral reefs. We were recorded, such as differences in color and kind to use the Coral Watch chart..

It was a short time, but deep exchanges with local people and life in a totally different environment now learned a lot.