Field Study of
Economics Department


Report from Student 1, Hawai’i, 2015

How valuable this program is!

I took part in Field Study in Hawaii’s Oahu in this summer vacation. I was able to complete this program safely. First of all, I want to tell the gratitude for Mr. TARUI and another experts or teachers, 2 postgraduate students of University of Hawaii, especially Ms. OMURA and of course 6 another people of this program team member. I really appreciate it.

This program’s main theme was “Environmental Issues of Hawaii”. Actually we had researched interesting environmental problems of Hawaii respectively beforehand. However, we found a lot of other viewpoints when we went to Hawaii and every experts’ lectures were very interesting.

For the first few days, we had English classes at University of Hawaii. This university has a vast campus that is very beautiful and has a lot of greens. So, we enjoyed limited campus life for 2 weeks. Therefore, we had many lectures about environmental issues of Hawaii. I learned about “climate change” “energy” “endangered species” and so on… Needless to say teachers use in English on the lecture, we kept in my mind a few English terms naturally.

As for the field work, we visited many places: Kalaeloa Heritage Park Restoration Site, Lyon Arboretum, Hanauma Bay, Coconut Island and Kahuku Wind Farm.

I enjoyed every program on this field study and I was happy to go shopping and to show around tourist spot. I spent amazing days and experienced special things in Hawaii. I am glad to have taken part in this program in this summer.