Field Study of
Economics Department


Report from Student 2, Hawai’i, 2015

This is the best days in my life

In Hawaii Became a precious days could get to know that more than a study in the literature of Japan 2 week. I learned first visited Karaeroa heritage park, at that time in that place existed as a village culture. And was able to plant the plants really are on the verge of extinction in their valuable experience. I was able to better environment for their part. In rare events not only in the field, as well as learn about the history of Hawaii in situ in fact stand up various things to see, experience and feel.

Not only these conservation activities in Hawaii or to energy lectures speaker, also take English lectures. Had a fun time to communicate while in the University of Hawaii students to College. Spend almost only in English could spend a few days while life has been spent so far was not so very fresh in mind.

We went snorkeling in the sea with member of class in the middle of the week, enjoy shopping there. Simply fun, however, any conversation with a clerk who is English. Experienced difficulty to convey their hand gestures. Instructors was indebted to the last day, students had the interpreter was in the restaurant.

Good to participate in really difficult experience to lots of fun ever since. I think people can join it from the join you want. You don’t know it you actually go out.