Field Study of
Economics Department


Report from Student 3, Hawai’i, 2015

Once in a lifetime experience

We performed a field study of Hawaii at seven people in this time.

The reason why we had few numbers of people, each one thought carefully about a class, a lecture, the field study and we were able to be concerned deeply with lecturers. And I think we were able to do things that have many the word ball rolling over the country which could not usually it.

A lecture and an experience of one by one were very valuable because there were few opportunities to usually think about an environmental problem. At first, I was not able to be used to a conversation in English, but I became able to hear nature and English in this life of 2 weeks, so I was glad. A word was a technical term, and it was sometimes difficult, but they corrected themselves clearly and they made replies more than 10 for one question of we student so the knowledge that I wanted to know was got and was able to think more deeply.

The field study overflows by not being able to readily experience even a college life. During a short period, I do study and sightseeing and I was able to feel the warmth of Hawaiian people and I’m full of the feelings of thanks.