Field Study of
Economics Department


Report from Student 1, Australia, 2016

“Fulfilling days in Australia”

Our Field study, it was 2 weeks from 13, August in Australia, was carried out. The days spent in Australia was very full, and give me many useful suggestions. Because of many people’s help, Prof. Makiko Omura, staff of Queensland University and my host family, I think, we could spend like these days I wrote. I have to express my deepest appreciation to these people.

We did many good activity, English special class, presentation about agriculture and economic in Australia, and fieldworks. In English special class, we had a really nice teacher, so we can learn not only English, but also Australia especially nature through his class with fun. We had many classes including business and bioscience that we had few opportunities to study in presentation about economic in Australia. All classes gave me many things that I hadn’t knew, these classes are awesome one, I think. I didn’t have a few chances taking class in which we only speak English, so I was a little bit nervous. However, as I take the classes, getting easier to ask questions in English. Fieldwork at National park, organic farm and so on, we could experience a lot of Australian nature that really different from Japanese one, and learn the relationship between the nature and the economic.

We stayed at each homestay at this Field study. At first, we feel worry, but our host family are very kind, so the worry was got away soon. To tell the truth, at the day we go back to Japan, I felt I don’t want to go back to Japan. Even now, I contact with my host family by mail or SNS. When I go to Australia next time, I do want to meet my host family.

Only 2 weeks, each day was really fulfilling, so I could learn and feel a lot. I hope to use the experiences that I got this Field study, and I want to make my school life better.