Field Study of
Economics Department


Report from Student 2, Australia, 2016

“Two weeks that every day had been enhanced”

We did a lot of precious experience Australia in two weeks.
Or English classes at the University of Queensland, received a lecture about Australia sustainable farming, or inspection of the meat-packing plant in the winery and JBS, learned in the intense two weeks was that can experience there that I cannot experience away from this, among the 1 day 1, every day he hadn’t shaved.

First, Australia’s very warm person, and I felt. Or me talking about in plain English, people in Australia was also frustrated at my English, even though I wanted to say that I speak better that I do not know the right nor the left, speak languages and just passed him in the street, waiting for the bus or been smiling.
Also, Australia when really left a deep impression of first heading to school stay away from getting vague and at the bus stop who asked directions, very kind to me, riding my bus stop told me where I want to go to drivers in addition to the up to tell them when the station told me and was very impressed.Drivers who readily accept me, “is a little more” or next station! and thanks for reporting from time to time saved so many.

In addition, Spring brook National Park eco-tour is we went to many places, but I was especially impressed. Where the scenery is still unforgettable. Where the scenery is still unforgettable. One Observatory atop the mountain, and from there views are views that cannot be expressed in words here and was looking dazed for a while. I think Caldera extends on one side, so I would look stunned everyone. There is nothing like this in the world, you can take a tour lots of natural beautiful places I know again, I had really good experiences. Ever seen views of the world on the TV screen with ‘ clean-like to one day go ~ “did not much in earnest and in practice in two weeks and feel like so many people around the world and involved that you want to see more beautiful scenery in the world.

Until now I can not speak English to go fear a negative thought in the direction, but when it comes, and foreign people warm people, saved me lots. Able to feel both again I think everyone who is not why, but at least in the last two weeks in Japan I, and of Australia. Thing you if intense to be part of this, to go abroad may be done in the form of a dream of one day.

2 I think 2 weeks was a short 2 weeks 2 weeks has ever lived in the dark. Deeper bonds with fellow speak words where never in life and had a lot of anxiety, but above all a great family here, can study in a comfortable environment, went along. This experience was not for me this long forgotten treasures. So you would like in a dream of someday finish the thing I want to do in the rest of student life, and always want to do.