Field Study of
Economics Department


Report from Student 3, Australia, 2016

“My fruitful days”

 I learned Australian way of agriculture and environmental. The English classes and the classes of agriculture and economics in UQ were really great experience for me. I solved some questions in a case study. I listened to people about agriculture and economics in Australia, I could know what people in Australia see. It was very fresh to me. The most memorable thing was the JBC tour. I saw some manufacturing process of meat that I usually eat. And I listened to the stuff in JBC about the exports of beef and changes in the production status by drought. So I was interested in Australian beef before, I had a valuable experience.

The impressive experience is homestay. It was so difficult for me to tell my host family what I want to tell and understand what they wants to tell. But they were very kind to me, so I could have fulfilling days when I was in Australis and I think I could grow up.

By communicating with UQ students, teacher and my host family, I felt the weakness of my English abilities keenly. I think I have to improve my English ability more. I want to draw on my experience, work actively in various things and I want to make a better my student life and future.