Field Study of
Economics Department


Report from Student 4, Australia, 2016

“I had irreplaceable two weeks”

I had very big and beneficial two weeks in Australia. This was my first overseas, so I was nervous. But I had a more positive heart than negative one. I had wanted to spend time in foreign country with another culture. I don’t have high English skill but I wanted to challenge.

In there, Queensland University supported us. Firstly, we had classroom lectures. In English classes, we learned how to choose some words to tell what I want to say and how to respond. I could learned practical English such as different of nuance and pronunciation from native speakers, that is different point from Japan. In addition, we had classes of economics and agriculture. In the class, teachers used a lot of special words but interpreter was there so I could concentrate on classes.

In activities, we visited many places such as Springbrook National Park, Winery, Organic Farm, JBS Australia and Stradbroke Island. I had good and valuable experiences. Above all, visiting to JBS Australia was shocking. I couldn’t say when I watched cattle broken up. Moreover, riding on ferry, watching wild dolphins, kangaroos and koalas, playing with boomerang and seeing superb view on the mountain.

This two weeks was homestay. I was sometimes irritated because I couldn’t tell host families well in English. But I tried to tell and listen again and again so gradually I could communicate. I was very happy when I felt that and I thought I want to use English more. In my stay home, shower time was determined for 5 minutes and the frequency was fewer than Japan, so I realized lack of water.

I appreciated my member such as a leader, funny man and kind man. In free day, I went to a tourist attraction, Gold Coast, in free time, we went to the bar. One day, I had a good dinner with member, teacher and interpreter. I had very very good two weeks in Australia!!