Field Study of
Economics Department


Report from Student 1,Hawaii, 2017

“Special two weeks”

 At the beginning, I was worried that I could spend two weeks on Hawaii as a field study for two weeks. However, indeed the field study in Hawaii went by quickly. Honestly, I thought that I do not want to go home yet as I approached the final day.

 I think the content of the field study was very strong and I was able to acquire a lot of knowledge.
 At first, classes for schedule and inspection will be packed from Monday to Saturday, so it may seem like a serious problem. However, when I actually experienced it, the contents of the tour and class were very interesting, and as soon as I was experiencing or listening, the time passed.

 After arrival, the lecture of English conversation became the center mainly on a few days, and after that we interviewed and lectured alternately.
 Even though English interpreters are coming, all classes except special lectures are advanced in English, including English conversation, but at first it was full as much as we could listen. However, as I gradually became able to hear English as the days passed, I was able to feel a different pleasure as well.

 Only 2 weeks, each day was really fulfilling, so I could learn and feel a lot. I hope to use the experiences that I got this Field study, and I want to make my school life better.