Field Study of
Economics Department


Report from Student 3, Hawaii, 2017

“The shortest and deepest 2 weeks”

 In this field study in Hawaii, mainly, we went to take some lessons and visits institutions related to environmental issues.
 We had studied about environmental issues of Hawaii in the class(case satudy) in advance. However, I think I was able to gain various experiences and knowledge by actually see and go to Hawaii.

 The University of Hawaii(UH) is very big and nature rich place. For the first few days, we had English lessons and we got the opportunity to learn how to play the ukulele! In the English lesson, we interviewed UH students. Everyone was friendly and I enjoyed talking in English.

 The second half of the program, we visited many places and took lectures of experts.
 In this field study, I was able to spend meaningful time and I gained various experience and great knowledge.
 Mahalo ! (Thank you in Hawaiian)