Field Study of
Economics Department


Report from Student 5,Hawaii, 2017

“Fulfilling weeks”

 Field study of Hawaii finished very fast despite two weeks. This field study’s topic was problems of environment. So, we went to protecting sea, forest and wilderness which put on solar panel. We could watch the different Hawaii that the tourists don’t watch.

 For example, we went to White Plains Beach. This area is local beach and it is away from the Waikiki. And it is naturally beach for nothing the BREAKWATERS. We visited there at weekdays but there weren’t almost people. In here, monk seals sometimes come to take a nap. Hawaiian monk seals protect to endangered species and keep a nap spot for monk seals. When they swim that the conservation people order us to go out sea. I was noted when I tried to approach it. The people preserve any fish and environment in their tourist spot.

 I went to HANAUMA Bay. Here is a popular sightseeing area and chose the top of beach in America. But this bay closed in the past caused by the pollution by the human. Hawaiian volunteer groups and state government returned clean HANAUMA Bay according to their efforts. And state government established nature reserve and made some rules to protect this area. We watched the video which is one of the rules. This video’s contents are old condition of HANAUMA Bay and we mustn’t do in here. I didn’t really to believe the television pictures. Actually, I swam with a snorkel in HANAUMA Bay but this sea was very clean and there were a lot of fish.

 And I visited the place which I never go for sightseeing. We went to Coconuts island. I did the oceanographic survey and preventing marine life. We worked what we remove seaweed from coral and cleared away some marine life from this seaweed. This works was very hard. It usually did a few people. I think preventing a life is greatly hard work.

 I don’t introduce a few contents what the field study of Hawaii in this report. But we visited more place and experienced more things. I can have a chance which try me to learn English. I think this problem is inconceivable because this problem contents are very deep and I paid small money to join in this problem. I want to tell 「thank you」to some people who make this problem. And I hope to take part in this problem for a student.