Field Study of
Economics Department


Report from Student 2, Australia, 2018

Field study Australia

What I learned in the field study that I participated in this time was not only Australia agriculture but also English, foreign culture and life.

After arriving at the site, we joined our host family.
I was worried that this field study would be the first time I experienced a homestay.
However, I was able to choose a student who wanted to be the same place in a questionnaire beforehand, and to choose a better host family, such as to convey their preferences, it was a very comfortable homestay.

In terms of living abroad, I had the experience of taking a bus from the homestay home to the school.
There was a happening that did not come as scheduled several times, this was also considered experience.

Lectures at the school were taught by local instructors.

Because it was a lecture in English naturally, I was able to understand the content well because there was an interpreter.

There was also a field study tour.
The place visited in the inspection was allowed to inspect it in the place where it was not possible to enter in usual.

I had very valuable experience.