Field Study of
Economics Department


Report from Student 4, Australia, 2018

wonderful memories

I participated in a field study for Australia for two weeks in late August.
In this field study, I asked the local people to stay home with pairs and went to the University of Queensland.
Host mother who stayed with me for 2 weeks talked to me in a way that I could not talk properly because of poor listening skills.
I gradually have a great conversation and I remember being very happy when I was able to explain the green juice I brought from Japan.
Also she made us miso soup that we missed Japanese food, told me how to use transportation IC card like Suica in Japan, took 2.3 hours by car and took us to the place we wanted to go.
Two dogs owned by host mother were also very friendly and cute.
My stay was short, but when I parted her, I was very sad.

At the University of Queensland, I took group work, learned how to pronounce and presentation skills in English classes.
The students rt the University of Queensland gently showed us the university and excited group work.
The teachers also had a great sense of humor, and I had a nice lesson.
Of course, the class is in English, but as the interpreters came, I was able to receive lessons with confidence.
In the tour, I watched wild koalas and dolphins, went to wineries, learned winery marketing, and went to the world’s largest meat factory JBS.
Everything is a very valuable experience for me, and I still look back at the pictures I took there.

What I learned from participating in this field study is that this culture is so different from country to country.
For example, there are many people walking in the house with shoes, people traveling by bus or car rather than train, the house is very big, more nature than Japan, sweets are very fond of, who go to school by ferry.
In the lecture, I learned about the sustainable economy of Australia, agriculture such as beef and broccoli, and after returning to Japan, I got a chance to write a report on the relationship between Japan and Australia in beef.

I’m very grateful to the members and teacher who spent the past two weeks.
I also became friends with people who had never talked before going to a field study and I was able to share pleasant time with a lot of people.
This experience is my treasure and I think that it was a good opportunity to actively act in various ways in the future.
It was really good to join the field study!