Field Study of
Economics Department


Report from Student 5, Australia, 2018

It’s precious life for me in Australia

I’m interested in foreign country. This project is not only feeling foreign culture but also leaning about Australian agriculture. So I wanted to join this program. I think that this project cannot be experienced by language study or by study abroad. So it’s precious life for my life.

It could be actually felt to go actually that Australia is circled by nature more abundant more than imagination and is a very clean country. It was different in something with which farm produce is made at the east side and the west side again, and you could find agricultural production popular well. It was possible to think it’s possible to see because it’s a national natural environment called Australia, and realize natural wonderful of Australia to can witness wild koala, kangaroo and parakeet actually.

When I thought a very taut but new discovery encounter was expecting to go to the homestay destination right away from the day when I have arrived in Australia and go to the person’s foreign origin from which the word is also different, I was very excited. A host family made many experiences very valuable for me gentle. I’d like to link a relation with this family from now on.

A teacher changed a form of recreation using English, and English could be learned happily first to be accustomed to an exchange in English and English with a student at the school which passed by this field study. It was possible to realize the pleasure with which I communicate using English. It was valuable experience because really much things could know about Australian agriculture at this school.