Field Study of
Economics Department


Report from Student 1,Hawaii, 2023

Valuable experiences that cannot be learned through sightseeing

 This time, FSA participated in the program together with students from Toyo University. First class during the program was an English class. In English class, we were studying presentation methods in preparation for the presentation we would give on the final day of the program. At the beginning of every class, I must present about myself in front of everyone, so I have improved my English skills.
 In addition, in classes other than English, we learned about the Hawaiian environment. Each time, a different expert was invited to give a lecture on tourism and economics. The class that particularly left an impression on me was Professor Marcus’s lecture on Waikiki Beach. It was a very interesting class as I learned for the first time that Japanese people do not spend much money on tourism and that Waikiki was created artificially.
 In FSA, we visited places where we could learn about Hawaii’s history and environment. I was particularly interested in visiting Hanauma Bay. In a preparatory class before participating in this program, I researched the water quality of Hanauma Bay. Therefore, rather than looking at the water quality in numbers, we can see from the actual transparency that Hanauma Bay has taken solid measures to preserve the environment. When my parents visited Hanauma Bay a long time ago, they were able to go snorkeling without a reservation. However, now there is a fee and reservations are so limited that they fill up quickly. The water quality has improved since then, so I decided to take my parents on a snorkeling tour of Hanauma Bay.
 On the final day, even though it was my first time giving a presentation in English, I had the impression that the second half of the program was very hectic because there was not much preparation time. Nevertheless, I made a presentation on Hanauma Bay, which I had investigated in a pre-class, and proposed countermeasures to Japan. I was worried about whether I would be able to convey my presentation well because I was presenting in a language that I was not used to, but I received feedback from the teachers who watched over me during the program, which made me feel glad that I participated in this program.
 Being able to visit Hawaii while attending university was a very valuable experience, and being able to attend lectures at the University of Hawaii during those two weeks was a very valuable experience for me. I am very grateful to the people at the University of Hawaii for the hospitality they have provided for our studies. I would also like to thank the teacher who led us from Japan. At first, I had very little knowledge about the environment in Hawaii, but after visiting Hawaii, I became more interested in the economy of one of the world’s leading tourist destinations, so I would like to use the knowledge I learned in my lectures in Japan.