Field Study of
Economics Department


Report from Student 2,Hawaii, 2019

Field study in Hawaii

I went to Hawaii for two weeks and we could study Hawaiian history, culture and environmental issues.
Especially, I was able to learn about extinct species, invasive and sustainability throughout the field trip. I didn’t know at all about environmental issues until I took the case study class. I realized that how serious the environmental issues are by listening the lectures in University of Hawaii(UH) and going to field work. I was able to have important experiences.
We went to solar panel power plant and the incineration site to learn about energy supply in Hawaii, and we went to Lyon Arboretum to see endemic species and laboratory. We could see sharks in the Coconuts island.
I was frustrated because I couldn’t understand the lectures in English. So I thought I study English hard and I want to understand English.
I have stayed in dorm in UH. Many students study from the early morning. And there were a lot of students both young and old. I was stimulated. UH has good facilities so I was able to spend a productive time.
We can see wonderful sceneries in Hawaii. Hawaii is a good place to learn about environmental issues.
I appreciate all the people who have involved this program. I want to go Hawaii again.