Field Study of
Economics Department


Report from Student 2,Hawaii, 2023

two weeks of valuable experience full of nature

 Living in Hawaii for the two weeks broadened my horizons, experienced, and interacted with local people. It was a very valuable experience. In the case study class in the spring semester, the theme decided we investigated environmental problems occurring in Hawaii.
 We learned that Hawaii has various problems such as the plastic waste problem coral bleaching and endangered species. And by going to Hawaii and hearing various stories from the local people about the current problems and what they are working on, and experiencing them, I feel that my interest and understanding have deepened. I think it was a very valuable experience not only to research in Japan, but also to go to Hawaii and see and hear the stories with our own eyes.
 What particularly impressed me was going to Hanauma Bay. The sea of Hanauma Bay seen from above was so transparent that it could not be seen in Japan. So, how I was able to learn about the history of the bay as it is today, the efforts we are doing now, and how much we value nature.

The English classes and environmental classes at the University of Hawaii were very fulfilling. We held joint hula lessons on the lawn and took them to wind farms and waste incineration plants. On holidays we climbed Diamond Head. I enjoyed going at the shopping mall, swimming in the sea, and spending time after school. Nature everywhere and it was very pleasant because the climate was so comfortable

By learning about the environmental problems that Hawaii is currently facing, I thought it would be great if the problems could be improved as much as possible, and I wanted to contribute in some way. I also learned that tourism and the environment are deeply related to the economy. In Hawaii, I am working toward a more sustainable society than I thought. I was surprised to see that there was a lot to do and that they were more conscious of things like recycling. It also made me think that if I could learn more languages, I would be able to broaden my horizons. I strongly want to go to Hawaii again, and when I do, I will continue to do my best in English so that I can communicate with the local people. I believe that I was able to have this experience thanks to the support of many people who were involved, including the University of Hawaii and local people, university professors, and members who worked with me. I went to the University of Hawaii for two weeks and was able to experience various field studies. I would like to continue to make use of my gratitude and the experience of living here.