Field Study of
Economics Department


Report from Student 3,Hawaii, 2019

2weeks leaving Japan

 It was great experience for me to stay in Hawaii for 2weeks. When I first saw the schedule, I was worried about whether I could manage the full schedule because we have some lecttures from the morning on weekdays and presentation on the last day in Hawaii.But I had fun from field study started.
 The best reason I think it is good to participate this program is that I could experience something I cannot do on trip.Many Japanese people think Hawaii is the place of resort,I learned environment problems in such place and went to Solar power generation facilities and waste treatment facility, Coconut Island and Hanauma Bay. To be honest, I’ve never been interested in environmental issues and had some knowledge but I could have fun all lectures.Especially about waste disposal methods and renewable energy in Hawaii, It was very interesting.
 Also I thought it was very good for me to spend two weeks away from the land where I lived during the summer vacation of my second year of university. If you did n’t participate in this field study, I think I was spending 2 weeks as usual. I think it was a good opportunity to discover and absorb a lot of new things, to rethink my daily life and to think about the future. I am really glad that I participated in this field study.

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