Field Study of
Economics Department


Report from Student 4,Hawaii, 2019

This was my first overseas trip for this field study. At first I was worried about the different language environment, but it was very encouraging that there were some MGU students. And the teachers and students, at University of Hawaii, welcomed me kindly.

The first two days of lectures were Hawaii’s history and culture, and it broken preconceptions about Hawaii. I think that it became easier to understand subsequent economics classes by knowing the backbone of the land.

I went to a solar power plant and a biomass power plant. I was most interested in renewable energy. Both were more powerful than looking at the photos, and it was a valuable experience to be able to talk directly to the story.

For cultural experience, students from the University of Hawaii taught Hula. This time, Tohoku University also came to the University of Hawaii at the same time, so it was fun to dance together. Also, I didn’t just dance, but there was a meaning in each choreography and they taught us.

Before going there, I thought it was quite long in two weeks, but when I went there, it was quick. It was a very good memory to go shopping and go to the beach after school and on holidays. I could little change myself.