Field Study of
Economics Department


Report from Student 5,Hawaii, 2019

I was able to spend special time thanks to professors at Hawaii university, graduation students who helped me, four students who I went with, and Ms. Omura. The two weeks had passed so rapidly since we had many various classes, fieldworks, and so on. Also, I lived in the dorm in Hawaii university and I also had a new meeting there. I was happy to meet university students. The room was clean and spacious with a double room and was very easy to use.

The contents of the lectures were interesting, including marine life, climate change and endemic species in Hawaii. In addition to the lectures, I was able to actually experience coconut islands and dolphin tours. I was also able to improve my English skills since the lectures were done in English. At the dolphin tour, I could tried to do scuba diving for the first time. At first I was so nervous, however I could meet so many sea animals and had enjoy.

At the hula lecture, I practiced a lot with students from Tohoku university. The dance was so difficult, but I danced with meaning in every swing. I felt I want to practice more.

It was so good because I could have experienced many new things at Hawaii. I want to come back to Hawaii university in the future.