Field Study of
Economics Department


2023 Report on the Field Study A in Hawai’i

Report from Professor : Makiko Omura
2023 Field Study A “Environmental Issues in Hawai’i”

“The first Field Study after the COVID-19 pandemic, the 9th Field Study”

This field study was different from previous ones. For the first time, the program was conducted in collaboration with Toyo University. Since our university had only 7 participating students this time, and they had 13 participating students, it must have provided a great source of inspiration and valuable experience for the students. Additionally, the schedule for this program was moved up by a week compared to the usual timing. As a result, various activities were packed into the days immediately following our Sunday arrival, including weekends, and continued non-stop until Labor Day on Monday. This busy schedule made it quite challenging for everyone involved, with daily classes, field trips, and cultural activities.

Since the previous field study, the University of Hawai’i has taken the initiative to arrange and organize the program based on the preceding FSA programs. However, as usual, there were many last-minute adjustments and changes, which required considerable flexibility and responsiveness, especially on the part of the ogranizers. I would like to express my deep gratitude to Professor Tarui, Professor Ulla, Professor Ruben, and the University of Hawaii team for their assistance.

After the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the previous visits and activities that we used to do were no longer feasible. While this was disappointing, the program incorporated new lectures and field trips that allowed for a deeper understanding of Hawaiian culture and history. Regarding environmental issues, the program continued to focus on topics such as conservation of native species, coastal management, adaptation to climate change, and the transition from fossil fuel-based power generation to power generation through natural energy sources and waste disposal. Students gained various insights and learning experiences not only through lectures but also through on-site observations and conversations. As for myself, who has been involved in the FSA for over a decade, I could sense the evolution in the approach to addressing Hawaii’s environmental issues.

During this field study, an English course was offered with a focus on student presentations on the final day. Each student delivered their presentation in English, based on the research they had conducted related to their chosen topics. These presentations incorporated what they had learned in Hawaii from different perspectives and interests. Additionally, some of the research applied statistical analysis, using the skills they had acquired in the Case Study A lecture in the Spring semester, as it had incorporated an external online workshop on data analysis, which proved to be beneficial for the students’ research presentations.

I would like to commend the efforts of the students and express my gratitude to all those who contributed to this field study.

Programme Schedule

Programme : 2023/8/27 – 9/9

Depart Haneda JL 6410 (20:15)
Arrive in HNL (9:05)
AM Opening & Orientation
CL: Hawaiian History and Culture
Campus Tour
PM Welcome Lunch
CL: Hawaiʻi’s sustainability issues overview
AM English for Social Sciences 1
CL: Island Sustainability
PM CL: Introduction to Hawaiʻi’s Culture
Review and reflection
Hula Lesson
AM English for Social Sciences 2
Terrestrial Issues
PM Invasive species management
Clean energy, decarbonization
Review and reflection
AM English for Social Sciences 3
Climate change and sea level rise
PM FT: Waikiki Coastal Management Tour
Review and reflection
English for Social Sciences 3
Sustainable tourism
Bishop Museum
FT: Hanauma Bay
Education Program
Labor Day Holiday
AM English for Social Sciences 5 (on presentation)
Coastal management / climate change
Review and reflection
Student presentation preparation
AM English for Social Sciences 6 (on presentation)
Housing and inequality
PM Review and reflection
Lei Making
Student presentation preparation
AM Student Presentations
Completion Ceremony
PM FT: Lyon Arboretum
Transportation to HNL
Leave HNL(JL 6401)(16:05)
Arrive in Haneda (19:25)


  • A classroom scene

  • Coast Management field visit

  • A field visit to Wind & Solar Power Plant

  • A field visit to H-Power

  • Student Presentation on the final day

  • A field visit to the Lyon Arboretum

  • A Hula Dance session scene