Jennifer Igawa
井川 ジェニファー





主要研究テーマconfidence and English-medium instruction in tertiary education, metacognitive awareness in language learning


英コミ、English for Business Communication, seminar


JALT (全国語学教育学会)、JAT(日本翻訳者協会)

  • Igawa, J., and Forrester, D. (2016). University in English ? Questions of confidence. The Language Teacher, 40(6), 9-13.
  • Igawa, J. (2017). Language Attrition, Equivalence, and the Philosophy of Language. JAT Perspectives 2017,15-16.
  • Igawa, J. (2018). [Review of the book English as Medium of Instruction in Japanese Higher Education: Presumption, Mirage or Bluff? by Glenn Toh]. JALT Journal, 40(2), 139-142.

Leadership in Literature


This seminar will examine the concept of Leadership through the experiences of characters in works of fiction.

During the first year, we will read and discuss works of fiction to help us consider what the characteristics of a good leader might be, why some leaders succeed and some fail. Students will be expected to read extensively in English to prepare for class. During class, students will be expected to participate actively. Students will gradually assume responsibility for leading class discussion. Students will be encouraged to consider questions that emerge from discussion as possible research topics. As students will also be expected to write summary and response papers, there will also be instruction in writing.

In the second year of the seminar, students will research and write a graduation thesis on a relevant topic of their choice. Classwork will include scaffolded instruction in thesis writing and the presentation of oral research reports. Students will be encouraged to provide and make use of peer feedback.