Yasunori Matsuzono
松園 保則 准教授


学位MA in English Language Teaching



  • English Language Teaching
  • Genre Analysis, Discourse Analysis
  • Testing and Assessment (TOEFL/IELTS)


  • To what extent do genre-based teaching approaches contribute to student performance on English proficiency tests, such as TOEFL and IELTS?

English for Business Communication, Preparation for Study Abroad, 英語コミュニケーション、演習


JALT (Japan Association for Language Teachers)

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  • 学術論文 単著(2014年)
    Matsuzono, Y. (2014). TOEFL iBT Essays by Students at Different Levels. Proceedings of PAC@9th FEELTA International Conference on Language Teaching. Vladivostok, pp.131-134

Public Speaking


This seminar course focuses on public speaking of all kinds, aiming at helping students become a great speaker in public through theories and, most importantly, practice.

The main activities of this course are to learn about the basic principles of public speaking and the concepts of communication, and to explore how to apply these ideas in practice to make great speeches. Examples of these ideas are how to design a speech from the beginning, how to draw attention from audience while making a speech, and how great speakers effectively use different types of communication in their speeches. In addition, students observe and analyze several professional public speakers, which encourages them to find out their own ways to engage as a professional and confident speaker in public.

In every seminar session, students are expected to actively work on group and class discussions in English. And in some sessions, students are asked to make several speeches about any topics that they should like to share with others.

(注) 21EG 生向け本ゼミの種別は B(一年間)となるので、4年次演習・卒業論文はありません。