Yasunori Matsuzono
松園 保則 准教授


学位MA in English Language Teaching



  • English Language Teaching
  • Genre Analysis, Discourse Analysis
  • Testing and Assessment (TOEFL/IELTS)


  • To what extent do genre-based teaching approaches contribute to student performance on English proficiency tests, such as TOEFL and IELTS?

English for Business Communication, Preparation for Study Abroad, 英語コミュニケーション、演習


JALT (Japan Association for Language Teachers)

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Public Speaking


This seminar course focuses on public speaking of all kinds.

In the academic year of 2021, the “pre-seminar” is conducted during the fall semester. In the pre-seminar, students make short presentations several times about any topics that they would like to share with others. Through these presentation activities, students are expected to get used to speak in public and begin exploring how to make their presentations better.

In the third year of 2022, students learn about the basic principles of public speaking and examine case studies of professional speakers making great speeches, in order to explore possible ways to engage as a confident and professional speaker in public. Also, in preparation for writing a thesis in English in their final year of 2023, students write multiple-draft essays that have these supported by logical arguments and incorporate information from texts.

In the fourth year of 2023, students learn in-depth about theoretical aspects of public speaking in terms of text organization, linguistic features, delivery features, and psychological aspects, and understand how to apply these aspects when analyzing the performances of public speakers. Students are then asked to select and examine a couple of public speakers by using these aspects in order to identify their own ways to become a truly professional speaker. The analytical viewpoints and findings from their examinations will be illustrated in their graduation thesis.

In every seminar session during two and half years, students are expected to actively work on group and class discussions in English.